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22 Worship Songs For and About Prayer

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Last year I curated a list of 22 worship songs about humility and it has become one of the top five posts on my blog to date. It really does bring me joy to search for new songs and create all kinds of playlists, so I decided to do another post in this “series,” if you will. This unique list of worship songs about prayer spans across several different genres, styles, and eras. It’s my hope that it encourages you in your personal prayer life and increases your desire to get closer to God.

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Sometimes you just need some great worship music to encourage you in your own prayer life, or help inspire you on how to pray. Music conveys ideas and desires in ways that words alone aren’t always able to do. Not that God needs us to say things a certain way. He absolutely knows our hearts. He confirms this in 1 Samuel 16:7:

For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart. (ESV)

And that’s just one of the other great things about music. It stirs our hearts and has the capacity to awaken deep things in us. If it awakens a desire in us to call out to God, then how can that be a bad thing?

There is power in prayer. John 14:5 says:

And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us. (ESV)

ways to listen to worship songs about prayer

Here’s a quick list of a few ways you can utilize this list of worship songs about prayer:

  1. Add them all to one playlist and listen to them as you go about your everyday activities.
  2. Choose one or two songs and intentionally listen/pray along with the lyrics during your personal quiet time.
  3. Add your favorites to a master playlist of your favorite worship songs.
  4. Find a Scripture that goes along with one of the songs, pray and meditate through it as you listen.
  5. Use them for corporate prayer times at your church.

Let’s get into the list of some of the best worship songs for and about prayer.

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“Our Father” – Bethel Music

As a worship leader, “Our Father” is a scriptural favorite to incorporate into my worship sets. It’s simple and easy to sing, since the lyrics cover the Lord’s prayer directly. It poetically and reverently addresses God as our ultimate source of love, guidance, and authority.

“Inhabit” – Tiffany Dawn Brewer

“Inhabit” is a song that I wrote, a powerful prayer to God. It’s vital that we directly ask the Holy Spirit to come and inhabit us, so that we can fully walk out His will for our lives.

You can find the song on YouTube below, and if you’d like to hear more of my music or learn about the meaning behind the songs, check out my music website.

“Talking to Jesus” – Maverick City Music feat. Brandon Lake

“Talking to Jesus” is a powerful song that combines heartfelt, honest lyrics with beautiful vocals and instrumentation. The song’s importance lies in its ability to resonate on a deep level, offering encouragement through the message of comfort in prayer and conversation with Jesus.

“The Blessing” – Elevation Worship & Kari Jobe

“The Blessing” is a prayer and worship anthem that has gained widespread popularity for its powerful lyrics and emotive melody. This song has uplifted many hearts during hard times, and serves as an important reminder of God’s favor and grace.

“Here Again” – Elevation Worship

“Here Again” is another song by Elevation Worship that I really enjoy leading during a worship service. It captures the essence of seeking after God’s presence with a pure heart, as well as finding renewal in His love. When we pray for God to meet us, He is faithful to come.

“Lord I Need You” – Matt Maher

“Lord I Need You” is a heartfelt prayer that expresses dependence on God’s love and grace. We should be humble and acknowledge our need for divine guidance, and this song reveals that call perfectly. The theme of reliance on God’s mercy makes this song a powerful reminder of our constant need for God’s presence in our lives.

“Give Us Clean Hands” – Chris Tomlin

“Give Us Clean Hands” is a prayer and worship song that earnestly expresses the desire for purity and forgiveness. The song is inspired by a biblical passage (found in Psalm 24) and encourages prayerful reflection. I love that the lyrics convey humility and a sincere plea for a renewed heart. It has been a significant piece in many corporate worship settings over the years as well.

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“Open The Eyes of My Heart” – Shane & Shane

Of course, there are many recorded versions of this song, but I love the version by Shane & Shane for it’s prayerful, introspective tone. “Open The Eyes of My Heart” is a classic song that speaks of earnestly looking for Jesus. It shows a clear desire for deeper connection with God, and as a prayer, it invites His presence into every aspect of our lives.

“Abide” – Housefires

“Abide” is a worship song that invites you to dwell in the presence of a powerful God, and find rest in His everlasting love. It is meditative and contemplative, making it an intimate, anchoring choice for personal prayer times. This song can serve as an anchoring prayer if you are seeking moments of peace and connection with the Lord.

“Do It Again” – Elevation Worship

“Do It Again” is a declarative prayer of faith and trust. It draws inspiration from biblical narratives of God’s miraculous intervention. This song will resonate with anyone facing difficult times, offering a message of hope and assurance in God’s help. God’s faithfulness is a reliable foundation for both present and future uncertainties, and this song could be a source of strength and encouragement wherever you are on your journey with Him.

“Surrounded (Fight My Battles)” – UPPERROOM & Elyssa Smith

“Surrounded (Fight My Battles)” is a worship anthem that declares God’s protection and victory in every circumstance. This is a powerful song to accompany an intense time of victorious prayer. Its empowering message encourages us as believers to trust in God’s presence and rely on His strength when facing any battle. (There is also a popular version of this song by Michael W. Smith!)

“Simple Conversation” – Jon Thurlow

“Simple Conversation” is a sincere song that tells of the intimacy and simplicity of conversing with God. It’s intention is to inspire a genuine connection with the higher power of the Holy Spirit, while also emphasizing the beauty of honest communication with God, even in the middle of life’s complexities.

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“The Lord’s Prayer (It’s Yours)” – Matt Maher

This rendition of the Lord’s prayer is a contemporary, upbeat tune that brings a fresh perspective to a sacred, universally recognized prayer. It invites listeners to engage with the profound words in a way that resonates with our present times.

“want” – Abbie Gamboa

“Want” is a newer song from one of my current favorite albums. It expresses a genuine love between a child of God and the Lord as a Father. It’s an intimate conversation expressing mutual, wholehearted devotion. I love this song for just spending time in God’s presence and in prayer.

“This Close” – Steffany Gretzinger & Chandler Moore

Following the direction of intimate conversation, “This Close” contains a favorite lyric of mine: “You’re not struggling to hear me, so I’m not striving to be heard. I am sure the One who made me is catching every word.” The song tells of rest that’s found when we take time to spend time praying in the presence of God.

“Jesus Have It All” – Jeremy Riddle

“Jesus Have It All” is a worship song that expresses total surrender and devotion to Jesus Christ. It invites believers to pray a prayer of surrender, while acknowledging Jesus as the ultimate authority and focus of their lives. It’s a powerful song for times of worship, devotion, and prayer.

“Build Your Kingdom Here” – Rend Collective

“Build Your Kingdom Here” is an energetic song that asks for God’s transformative presence to impact the world. It’s composed in a way that’s catchy and rhythmic, and has an empowering message of participation in and agreement with God’s work. This song inspires us as believers to step out in faith, actively participate and agree with the work of building God’s kingdom on earth.

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“Be Thou My Vision” – Traditional

“Be Thou My Vision” is an Irish hymn that expresses a deep desire for God to be the guiding and central focus of life. It is a prayer for divine wisdom, and has an enduring message that stands the test of time. This is a great song to listen to during times of prayer where you are seeking for God’s wisdom and presence in any circumstance.

“Battle Belongs” – Phil Wickham

“Battle Belongs” is a powerful song that resonates as a prayer of trust and faith in God’s ability to fight our battles.The uplifting and declarative lyrics provide encouragement for those of us who are facing challenges, and are crying out to God for help. It’s also a good choice for corporate or congregational worship and prayer, as it inspires believers to be resilient and reliant on God’s strength.

“I’m Leaning On You” – Passion/David Crowder

“I’m Leaning On You” is an uplifting, soulful song that also serves as a prayer and declaration to the Lord. It’s an encouraging anthem that reminds us God is always there to listen and love.

“Take My Life” – Chris Tomlin

“Take My Life” is an earnest prayer that reflects on surrendering to God in devotion and service.mThe verses and chorus include themes of consecration and commitment to Jesus. It has a simple yet profound message that inspires us as believers to offer our lives as a living sacrifice. 

“However You Want” – Jesus Culture

 “However You Want” is a worship song that expresses willingness to follow God’s lead in every aspect of life. As a prayer, the song conveys a trust and openness to God’s plans. This song sets the tone for a reflective and prayerful atmosphere, desired by any believer who wants to align their heart with God’s guidance and purpose.

I hope this playlist of worship songs about prayer encourages you to have conversations with the Lord and seek His wisdom in deeper ways. Using worship music during times of prayer has really helped me focus on what the heart of God is for His people and for this world.

To make things super easy, if you’re a Spotify user, I’ve already created a playlist of these songs for you to save for later. Click here to see the 22 Worship Songs For and About Prayer Playlist.

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