Finally, an answer to all your sourdough roadblocks—simple, honest steps to making bread with less than 1 hour per week.


Honest Sourdough

Inside Honest Sourdough, you’ll get everything you need to start confidently baking sourdough bread with more efficiency and less overwhelm.

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Tell me if this sounds like you:

✋ You want to start baking sourdough from scratch.

✋ You need to feel confident enough to maintain a starter so you can stop wishing you were baking and start doing it.

✋ You have too much on your plate (and are too busy living life!) to weed through all the information about sourdough online.

✋ You’re over trying to weed through all the conflicting opinions of sourdough “gurus” who feel important.

✋ You’re tired of feeling like you’ll never be able to bake your own sourdough bread.

You wish there was a way to just START and it be simple and even fun.

Good news!

I help my students with those same problems every single day.

And if you’re like any of them, you’ve probably had some of the same misconceptions about sourdough.

Misconceptions like…

(no judgment, we all have ’em)

Thinking that scrolling through every video and post about sourdough that pops up on your feed is the same as actually learning sourdough.

It’s true, you can find the answer to almost anything out there on the internet.

But what if everyone has different answers?

Then they’re just adding to the overwhelm and confusion, keeping you stuck in overthinking instead of actually DOING it. With sourdough becoming a little more popular and various creators having their own way of doing it, it can be… well, a lot.

Having ONE person to teach you something is guaranteed to get you faster results than trying to figure it out on your own (or learn it from 50 different people).

Research shows that directly working with a mentor or coach makes you five times more likely to have success.


That sourdough is “too complicated for someone like me.”

The truth is, it’s not complicated at all. Anyone who says it is just doesn’t understand how sourdough really works.

What seems overwhelming will become simple, as you have someone to guide you through the process.

My mission is to enable you to start baking with sourdough, whether you’re a beginner or have been frustrated in the past with other sourdough approaches. I do this through my signature methods like the Simple Sustain Method, combined with thorough, step-by-step lessons.


That you need to be home all day in order to make sourdough bread.

You CAN be home all day and make bread, for sure! It might give you a little more flexibility, but honestly, not much.

You need less than 10 minutes to focus on mixing, and a couple of hours at home per week doing other tasks like laundry, watching a movie, or whatever the heck you want.

Sourdough is beautiful in the way that you do NOT need to babysit it. It’s so forgiving and adaptable.

I teach how to fit sourdough in any schedule with the Sourdough Rhythm Planner.


That sourdough just isn’t for you because you’ve tried it, but always end up killing your starter.

Spoiler alert: you probably DIDN’T actually kill it.

Or maybe you did, but that’s never a reason to give up!

It’s actually pretty difficult to kill a mature sourdough starter. Most issues that pop up can be taken care of quite simply.

Do not get discouraged, and if you need a new, mature starter you can activate quickly without any headache–that’s a perk of joining us in Honest Sourdough.


That maintaining a sourdough starter means you have to baby it every day, or be on a strict schedule.

A sourdough starter is a living and active culture, but it doesn’t necessarily require babysitting.

If you happen to miss a feeding, you aren’t going to see any long term negative effects.

And you don’t even have to feed it every day (unless you want to).

A healthy starter is a result of a consistent, adequate feeding schedule. On the other side, a healthy and mature starter also allows for more flexibility and less stress over maintenance.


That keeping a starter means you can only make a few recipes.

Actually, there are SO many things a sourdough starter can do.

It’s more than just those pretty rustic loaves you see others making online.

One of the best things about going on the sourdough journey is that you get to add health benefits, flavor depth, and variety to your baking.

Pancakes, quick breads, sourdough skillet casseroles, cookies, cakes, cinnamon rolls, pizza… all of these things you enjoy everyday, can easily be turned into sourdough versions!

I teach special workshops for cinnamon rolls and soft sandwich bread inside the course, with more to come.

(P.S. Joining now means you get to access everything that’s added to the course in the future, without paying any more for it.)

Imagine if…

There was a way to learn all the ins and outs of sourdough with less confusion…
There was a way to always have nourishing bread on the table for your family without constantly slaving in the kitchen
You could finally lower your grocery bill while also enjoying healthier (but incredibly delicious) bread and baked goods…
You could have someone holding your hand through it all, showing you how to fit sourdough into your schedule
You could feel confident in your bread baking and even start sharing with or selling to others…

all of that’s possible inside. 🤎

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Who is this right for?

time-strapped parents

You love your family and want to give them the best, but between work and home, there’s hardly a minute left. Honest Sourdough is your secret to making healthy bread that fits your busy life. Imagine as much fresh, warm bread on the table as you desire, using less than an hour of your time per week. This course is your ticket to that delicious reality.

health-conscious foodies

You’re all about the healthy lifestyle and know that good food is key. But sometimes, making nutritious choices takes too much time. With Honest Sourdough, you’ll gain the confidence to whip up bread that’s as good for your body as it tastes. Say goodbye to reading labels on store-bought loaves. Welcome to the world of baking your own wholesome sourdough easily.

creative homemakers

Crafting, cooking, creating—it’s what you love (I do too). But maybe bread-making seems out of reach. Not anymore with Honest Sourdough. I’ll teach you to bake bread that’ll wow your friends and family. It’s simple, fun, and oh so rewarding. Join in and watch your kitchen transform, filled with the scent of fresh baked sourdough.

basically, this is for you if…

You want to bake consistently good homemade sourdough bread and to nourish your family and save money on groceries.

You’ve fallen down the online sourdough rabbit hole but don’t know where to get started.

You feel like you know some of the basics of sourdough but you’re overwhelmed by all the different methods and terminology.

You’ve tried making your own sourdough starter but you’re overwhelmed by all the different ways to maintain it or wish it wasn’t taking you so long to start making bread.

You want an easy, straightforward system to walk you through making homemade sourdough so you can stop spending money on expensive bread within the next 2 weeks or less.

on the flip side…

This is not for you if…

You don’t want a way to simplify sourdough and fit it into your lifestyle.

You would rather sit on the sidelines and wish you were baking like that person you follow online.

You’re not interested in finding an easier way to maintain a sourdough starter.

You like to move slowly and see a delayed return on your time investment learning sourdough.

Hi, I’m Tiffany!

I’m a long-time sourdough baker and small-scale homesteader who helps other busy women learn how to bake amazing sourdough with just a little bit of time, so they can better nourish their families and stop relying on the grocery store for bread.

I live in East Tennessee on a 1 acre homestead with my husband and 4 boys (yes, I’m cooking a LOT). It hasn’t all stuck, but we’ve done a little of everything homesteading on this small plot, including pigs, chickens, gardens, and even a mini jersey cow.

I had my first experience with sourdough nearly 15 years ago, when I was given something that at the time just looked like a crazy science experiment—my first sourdough starter.

so you have questions…

Why did I create this?

I wanted to package up everything I’ve learned—including the methods that allow me to bless my family and others with sourdough bread, without it taking too much of a toll on my resources. I created this course to help more people take yet another step towards self-sufficiency and finding fulfillment in baking from scratch.

I firmly believe that we all should be working towards becoming less reliant on the current food system, and learning how to bake with sourdough is a way that anyone can do that, no matter where they are.


Students say this about Tiffany and the course, Honest Sourdough…

Let’s get down to what’s inside

What we cover in Honest Sourdough

Module one

Start the Sourdough Journey

Stop being paralyzed by overwhelm and confusion as I uncover my signature 4D Sourdough Approach and prepare you for baking success. We’ll cover all the necessary (and unnecessary) supplies for baking sourdough at home, break down flour types, and of course, get your sourdough starter growing and thriving!

By the end of module 1, you’ll have rhythms established and see a clear path to incorporating sourdough into your own life… simply.

Module Two

All About Starter

Gain an understanding of how a starter actually works, along with how to balance the art and science of sourdough. Together we will master my Simple Sustain Method along with how to manage discard/active starter (and how to know the difference!).

Module 2 will finally give you an understanding of how to care for a starter, seamlessly integrating sourdough into your schedule and making delicious sourdough discard recipes.

Module Three

Make a Loaf from Start to Finish

This is where we dive deep and get hands on, as I walk and talk you through every single step of making sourdough bread: from feeding the starter, to mixing the dough, doing stretch and folds, proofing, shaping, scoring, and baking!

Module 3 is where you learn how to bake a rustic sourdough loaf with confidence, with me by your side as your sourdough bestie.

Module four

Growing, Thriving, Personalizing Sourdough

The journey continues… you’ll learn how to add an endless number of inclusions and mix-ins to your sourdough to create delicious flavors, make large batches of bread easily and fast so you can bulk bake and share, sell, or freeze. You’ll also get to sit in on exclusive video workshops making soft sourdough sandwich bread and easy overnight sourdough cinnamon rolls.

At the end of module 4, you’ll feel excited and accomplished, providing nourishing sourdough and seeing the endless potential it has to both save you money and serve as a creative outlet.

Join today, doors are closing soon.

there’s still more. you get all of this, too…

my own personal dehydrated sourdough starter

Take a giant shortcut by starting with a mature, active starter! We’ll even send you more if yours somehow gets lost or ruined. ($40 value)

the Sourdough Rhythm Planner

Customizable baker’s schedule templates + personalized input from Tiffany ($80 value)

the Simple Sustain Method

How to maintain your starter without a kitchen scale or extra dishes ($50 value)

the Sourdough in 4D Approach

A proven 4-step-to-success framework ($80 value)

Honest Sourdough Workbook + Comprehensive Guide

For handy extra visuals and quick references as you move through the course ($60 value)

simple, step-by-step sourdough lessons

Simple, bite-sized lessons so you don’t get lost or confused, with a comprehensive guide to flours and more ($370 value)

exclusive bonus workshops

I’m walking you through making sandwich bread, cinnamon rolls, with more to come. All additional pop-up bonus workshops will stay in the vault for you to access forever! ($200+ value)

lifetime access + additional content

You will never lose access to the content, and will get first dibs on anything new that’s added in the future! Meaning you can go back and review as much as you want. Plus, you will get all future updates without ever paying anything else. ($1500+ value)

…a total value of $2,400

Get started today for

Got questions?

I’ve got answers 🙂

Why should I join, when I can find all this information anywhere on the Internet?


While the course is a one-stop packed with amazing and helpful information, the real reason for joining would be because you want to transform the way you approach sourdough and baking from scratch, but you need a bestie to encourage and coach you through every step. (That’s me by the way 🙂) If you’re ready to bake good bread (and more) by next month, are seriously ready to cut your grocery bill, as well as learn a valuable self-sufficiency skill this year, then join!


I work a regular or unpredictable job. Can I actually bake sourdough consistently?


While you may not be able to pull your starter out the fridge after work and have bread ready in time for dinner that night, my Sourdough Rhythm Planner will help you figure out how to make sourdough with any schedule. I also show you my own method of large batching bread in essentially the same amount of time as it takes to make a single loaf.


I’m really not very good at baking/cooking at all yet, and I’ve never even baked bread before at all. Is starting with sourdough right for someone like me?


YES. I was super inexperienced with baking yeast bread (still am actually, haha) and jumped straight to sourdough. Maintaining a starter is actually very forgiving, and baking sourdough bread gives you a lot of learning leeway that traditional yeast breads don’t.


 Why should I spend my hard-earned money on a sourdough course, let alone this one?


I don’t know of an experienced sourdough baker who will visually walk you step-by-step through the entire process of learning sourdough, explain it in simple terms that you understand, and then will answer all your questions as well as give you personalized input all in one place, for free.

The course isn’t for everyone. But it is for people who are serious about learning sourdough, are tired of pulling information from a bunch of different sources, and don’t want to feel alone on their journey.


 I’m a terrible planner. How can sourdough work for me with all the time and pre-planning involved?


Yes, it can definitely still work for you. My Simple Sustain Method accounts for people who are bad at planning when to feed their starter (which by the way, you don’t have to do as often as you think), and the Sourdough Rhythm Planner templates do a lot of heavy lifting for you too!


Is there a refund policy?


We offer a 14-day money back guarantee. If Honest Sourdough doesn’t help you start your sourdough journey and bake homemade bread, simply email us your completed Sourdough Rhythm Planner worksheet within 14 days of purchase, and we will issue you a full refund.


How much time will I have to go through the course?

if you’ve read this far…

You have two options:

Continue to spend more time and energy trying to figure out sourdough on your own…

Or, finally use a proven roadmap for baking amazing sourdough so you can finally nourish yourself and your family for years to come.

Imagine where you could be just one month from now.

You’re ready to finally start baking sourdough regularly and transform your kitchen.
You’re ready to stop spending money on expensive specialty bread (or crappy bread).
You’re ready to start serving healthy and nourishing bread to your family and others.
You’re ready for a way to become even more self-sufficient and be less reliant on the current system.
You’re ready for more confidence and flexibility in the kitchen without spending a ton of time.
You’re ready for Honest Sourdough.

Join today — doors close soon!

  • 20+ in-depth, step-by-step video lessons
  • beautiful, printable honest sourdough workbook + guide
  • My personal mature starter (in dehydrated form) shipped to your door, with step-by-step instructions
  • The Simple Sustain Method: To keep your starter going easily
  • My own proven Sourdough Success Framework
  • The Sourdough Rhythm Planner: Customizable baker’s schedule templates
  • Comprehensive Guide to Flours
  • Separate step-by-step workshops for sourdough cinnamon rolls, sandwich bread, and more
  • Lifetime access to the content
  • And all additional content that will be added over the coming months


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