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Easy Growing Health Mini-Course




Be prepared when seasonal illness strikes and start healing yourself and your family from the inside out RIGHT NOW-without toxic ingredients and unwanted side effects.

  • What if you never felt lost at how to naturally and EFFECTIVELY treat minor illness again?
  • What if you had exactly what you needed ready to go as soon as symptoms strike, without having to leave the house?
  • And what if you could do it using simple grocery store staples, without spending $100+ overhauling your medicine cabinet?

With Easy Growing Health, there’s no need for being miserable and unprepared when you or a family member gets sick.

You will learn how to treat illness naturally without any weird, expensive ingredients–all within 48 hours or less.

Easy Growing Health includes:

  • 4 EXCLUSIVE VIDEO LESSONS walking you through the WHAT, WHY, and HOW of treating respiratory illnesses + sore throat using natural, easy-to-find ingredients
    • BONUS LESSON: How to make healing bone broth
  • RESOURCE GUIDE BUNDLE (15 page digital format) that includes:
    • Healing Recipe Booklet (including 2 BONUS recipes: Healing Bone Broth + Fermented Honey Garlic)
    • Basic Healing Protocols (How To Use Your Remedies)
    • An Additional Educational Source List
    • Shopping List
    • Product Resources (Only if you desire! You will be able to find ALL YOU NEED to get started at your local grocery store!)

Tell me if this sounds like you:

  • Running straight for Motrin, Advil, Sudafed, or Mucinex when flu-like symptoms strike but wishing there was a more natural way.
  • Wanting to give your medicine cabinet a healthier revamp but feeling it’s too expensive or don’t know where to start.
  • Googling “natural remedies for _______” but not feeling confident in the path you’re choosing.


  • Be totally confident and prepared to give a natural remedy when cold, flu, sore throat, or even coronavirus strikes.
  • Treat your family naturally & holistically without spending tons of $$$ on new products.
  • Finally understand the WHY behind treating illness holistically and not just do it because “it’s a good thing to do”
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That’s why I created Easy-Growing Health. I want to help you be prepared and unafraid of illness without making it hard or expensive. I want to share the knowledge you need to get started with natural remedies. Knowledge that you’ll never get from the “system.”


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