start healing yourself and your family from the inside out, RIGHT NOW.

What if you never felt lost at how to naturally and EFFECTIVELY treat minor illness again?

What if you had exactly what you needed ready to go as soon as symptoms strike, without having to leave the house?

And what if you could do it using simple grocery store staples, without spending $100+ overhauling your medicine cabinet?

With Easy-Growing Health, there’s no need for being miserable and unprepared when you or a family member gets sick.

You will learn how to treat illness naturally without any weird, expensive ingredients–all within 48 hours or less.

Tell me if this sounds like you:

  • Running straight for Motrin, Advil, Sudafed, or Mucinex when flu-like symptoms strike but wishing there was a more natural way.
  • Wanting to give your medicine cabinet a healthier revamp but feeling it’s too expensive or don’t know where to start.
  • Googling “natural remedies for _______” but not feeling confident in the path you’re choosing.


  • Be totally confident and prepared to give a natural remedy when cold, flu, sore throat, or even coronavirus strikes.
  • Treat your family naturally & holistically without spending tons of $$$ on new products.
  • Finally understand the WHY behind treating illness holistically and not just do it because “it’s a good thing to do”

That’s why I created Easy-Growing Health. I want to help you be prepared and unafraid of illness without making it hard or expensive. I want to share the knowledge you need to get started with natural remedies. Knowledge that you’ll never get from the “system.”

Are you ready?

tell me if this sounds familiar.

are these things you wish for?

You want to find a quick, easy way to treat your family naturally without having to buy a bunch of weird, expensive things you have no clue about.


You don’t know where to start with natural remedies and don’t want to comb through Google to REALLY figure it out.


You’re sick of being sick… for what feels like too much time.

But you know what?

I’ve been there… and learned a better way!

Imagine if you knew exactly what to turn to when respiratory illness or sore throat strikes.

Imagine feeling good about holistically treating you and your family’s bodies.

Imagine actually understanding how treating minor illnesses naturally is superior to the way of the “system.”

Imagine spending more time being simply well.

With Easy Growing Health, you can have 3-4 natural remedies stocked and ready to go just 24 hours from now.

You’ll be armed with the valuable knowledge of how to treat respiratory illness and sore throat without chemicals, toxins, or side-effect bearing substances.

meet the creator

hi, I’m Tiffany!

I’m a mom of 4, homesteader, blogger, and natural living enthusiast.

Our family desires to live dependent on God and His creation: hence why we grow and raise as much of our own food as possible, and make our own natural supplements and remedies using whole foods and healing herbs.

10 years ago I was pregnant with my first son, feeling unsure of exactly how to keep him healthy and thriving. I knew I wanted to protect him from unnatural chemicals and toxins, so I started diving into the world of holistic health and herbal remedies.

After that many years of research and raising 4 children in a world that pushes all kinds of unnatural “fixes,” I’m sharing some of my very favorite, easy-to-make, easy-to-give remedies for respiratory illness and sore throat.

I created Easy-Growing Health because I want others to feel just as confident and prepared for illness when it strikes.

I just want to share with you the know-how to treat your family naturally without having to comb through Google or spend a ton of money on fancy ingredients or products you don’t understand.

Let’s get down to it.

Here is what the workshop covers…

let me walk you through

4 Exclusive Video Lessons

The video lessons walk you through the WHAT, WHY, and HOW of treating respiratory illnesses + sore throat using natural, easy-to-find ingredients. Consider me your personal guide.

keep it digital or print it out

Resource Guide Bundle

Honestly, this is kind of my favorite part. Get 15 pages of resources in digital format that you can print… or not. The resource guide bundle includes:

  • Healing Recipe Booklet (including 2 BONUS recipes: Healing Bone Broth + Fermented Honey Garlic)
  • Basic Healing Protocols (How To Use Your Remedies)
  • An Additional Educational Source List
  • Shopping List
  • Product Resources (Totally optional. You will be able to find ALL YOU NEED at your local grocery store)
bonus content

Healing Bone Broth

Many people forget that nutrient-rich bone broth is a powerful way to heal respiratory illness quickly. In addition to the other remedies covered, I’m walking you through how to make your bone broth both flavorful and restoringly potent. It’s just a bonus!

$120 value
  • exclusive video Lesson 1: intro
  • exclusive video lesson 2: Why & how the remedies work
  • exclusive video lesson 3: immune-boosting garlic oil (step-by-step how to)
  • exclusive video lesson 4: triple threat throat treat (step-by-step how to)
  • bonus lessons: healing bone broth (stovetop and instant pot methods)
  • easy growing health recipe booklet
  • basic healing protocols
  • complete shopping list
  • educational source list
  • optional product resource list